Our ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pump Remanufacturing Center provides rapid turnaround, high-quality repair services.

Typical Process

• Overall condition

• Detailed examination of all critical parts

• Estimate of time and cost of work needed

• Re-machining

• Hydrostatic tests

• Dynamic balancing

• ISO 9906 Performance tests

Re-Rates & Upgrades

Optimize your pump performance and reliability

• Hydraulic Re-Rating

• Mechanical Upgrading

• Optimise Performance
  & Reliability

• Material Upgrade

Dowload this document and fill the technical specifications.


Complete bowl replacement for any make of Vertical Turbine Pump, revitalizing the performance of aged Vertical Turbine Pumps and reducing total pump operating costs.


• Reduces Operating Costs

• Improved Pump Performance

• New Pump Warranty on bowl Assembly

• No Change in Piping or Motor

• Fast Delivery Available

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Spare Parts

High-integrity and correctly fitted original or upgrades spare parts with worldwide guaranteed supply for all our models.


• Shafts

• Diffusers

• Impellers

• Bowls / Volutes

• Discharge Heads


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